Father’s Day 2020

I woke up this morning and remembered it was Father’s Day. Which meant I had to get started in recognizing all the folks that are dads or play the father role in the lives of others.

First step – say a quick prayer because I am grateful to be alive. Then a silent Happy Father’s Day to my dad who passed away 6 years ago.

Second step- nudge my husband and wish him a happy day. His gifts arrived from Amazon over the last two days and I had hidden them. Would put them in a gift bag (or just leave them in a box – this is Covid19 time folks – don’t judge). We’ll figure out dinner later in the day.

Next step, Whatsapp my brothers and wish them a happy day. Send some usual snide remarks (that’s what big sisters do) but let them know they are awesome. My sister is in charge of the sibling basket delivery for this one.

Then there are my maternal cousins and uncles who thankfully have a chat group as well. I use it for all holidays and special days. Today was no exception.

My dad’s family do not have a joint chat group so they will have their messages sent individually.

Finally friends, coworkers and colleagues. All by group chat or individual texts. Send a general message via social media (including this one). And I can now get out of bed.

I love technology.

Happy Father’s Day!!!!

Published by tilimd

Healthcare exec who is a family doc, wife and mother with lots of opinions about what is happening locally, nationally & globally. Opinions my own.

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