Three Generations

On one Saturday afternoon, three women in three different locations, went to get their vaccination against the virus that causes COVID-19.

A college student with a pre-existing condition hoping to travel abroad in the summer.

Her mother, a professional working woman who is an essential worker hoping to have the basic protection as she prepares for the warm weather and crowded venues within which she works.

And her grandmother, a retired nurse, who had self-isolated from the rest of her family for over a year, knowing that with her advanced age and co-morbidities, she was at higher risk if she should get infected. She was doing this to be able to spend time with her kids and grandkids.

Three generations of women.

Texted each other on that unusually warm Saturday afternoon.

All extremely grateful for the opportunity to protect themselves and each other with hope to move forward in our new world.

Three generations.

Published by tilimd

Healthcare exec who is a family doc, wife and mother with lots of opinions about what is happening locally, nationally & globally. Opinions my own.

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