Time Out

I will confess.

Yesterday evening I gave myself a “time out”

I was not allowed to engage with others.

I was in my room thinking about all I have done.

Time to reflect and breathe.

I had been working 7 day weeks for a number of weeks in a row and my body was starting to give me signs.

So I told my family that I was having a time out.

I rescheduled other meetings/virtual meetups/activities.

And I spent time with myself.

A few hours.

It worked wonders.

Sometimes we need a self-imposed time out to reflect, recalibrate and better respond to what life has in store for us.

Give yourself permission to have a time out.

You’ll thank yourself later.

Published by tilimd

Healthcare exec who is a family doc, wife and mother with lots of opinions about what is happening locally, nationally & globally. Opinions my own.

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