Let’s face it.

There is no shortage of challenges that are dropped in front of us these days. It’s just the nature and timing that make some more difficult than others. And they don’t seem to wait for one challenge to leave your life before presenting themselves.

Some of them are just not worthy of your efforts, or the timing is not right. And if they are not a matter of life or death- you reassess your priorities and make the decision to face them or turn your back on them.

Others leave you no choice but to face them head on.

Those are the truly tough ones.

Because you don’t always get a chance to drop everything you are doing to focus all your energy on dealing with them. You have to figure out a way to compartmentalize or divide your resources in order to attend to the new issue at hand while not neglecting other important matters.

The weight of the challenge can be daunting.

You may wake up feeling great, then all of a sudden you remember the task ahead. (You know the feeling – wanting to pull the covers over your head and just not do anything at all.)

But you swing your legs over the side of your bed. You start your morning ritual. And in your head you start strategizing on how to proceed or which steps of an already planned out process you need to take.

And you reach out.

To those who are going to help you with the challenge.

To those who are going to be your cheerleaders.

To those who will just listen when things are extremely hard.

Take note that you will come in contact with individuals that seem to be put in your path just to make the challenge a bit more difficult.

Just keep in mind that each individual has their own batch of challenges they are also navigating. Some doing it well, others not so much. And their mismanagement of their own issues may spill over into their interactions with you.

Don’t allow this to add to your burden.

Stay focused on what you need to do.

And remember that, despite the outcome, you will have grown. Physically, mentally, emotionally and/or spiritually. The lessons learned will help guide you in the future.

So – you’re probably thinking I’m going to end this by saying “Challenge Accepted”.

Nope. (Though I was really really tempted to do so!)

Decide if this challenge is what you need to do for you and yours. Think it through. Strategize. Gather your resources (human as well). Then go.

May the other side be everything and more that you hoped for.

Published by tilimd

Healthcare exec who is a family doc, wife and mother with lots of opinions about what is happening locally, nationally & globally. Opinions my own.

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