There are days when you are filled with optimism, the world seems great, the sun is shining and you have a renewed vigor to conquer and thrive.

That’s what it was like for me this morning. Took my morning walk, bought my banana and decaf coffee (black with 2 ice cubes – so I don’t burn my tongue) and headed to the clinic to prepare for the day.

I then received some news from a close friend.

And all of a sudden I was sad.

You know, the quiet kind of sad that you find yourself wiping a tear from your face that you didn’t know had formed.

And I felt helpless.

How do you help others through their issues as you struggle to manage your own. Imagining that they are pebbles that are being tossed at you whilst carrying delicate breakables in both hands and trying to race towards a finish line.

Control and the lack of it.

Hard to do when you’ve spent the majority of your life learning how to compartmentalize and control various factors that will affect not only your life but those of others that look up to you, depend on you, care for you, support you.

I let out a sigh.

Then I took another breath and lifted my chin.

Ok pebbles.

Challenge accepted. On behalf of me and all those in my circle.

I’m going to figure out how to catch you or dodge you or use you to my advantage.

You’ll look nice in my garden once you are no longer airborne.

Published by tilimd

Healthcare exec who is a family doc, wife and mother with lots of opinions about what is happening locally, nationally & globally. Opinions my own.

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