My Brother’s Keeper

I have time for reflecting as I await my flight home from a global health trip after almost two years of virtual collaborations. The work was strenuous but absolutely fulfilling. A number of people ask why I created and participate in global health training and programs and I explain that global health contributes to globalContinue reading “My Brother’s Keeper”

Hurry Up and Wait

As the summer has unfolded and the restrictions have loosened with regards to masking and social distancing, a number of people have resumed travel. Many are rushing to book flights to destinations anywhere but where they are currently located. Some brave enough to venture overseas. Trying to catch the window of when both their homeContinue reading “Hurry Up and Wait”

Six Months

As a physician I am aware that there are many people out there in the world who have life altering conditions that require regular check-ups to ensure their stability. Recently I have had to take a closer look at their perspective. What is it like to anticipate your next appointment where you may or mayContinue reading “Six Months”

Something New

A lot of things are changing for me and many others this month of June. We have resident physicians graduating and going on to become independent doctors. Some people are moving on to new job positions, offices, careers, workplaces, or even retirement. The weather, though inconsistent, does feel mainly like summer and with it theContinue reading “Something New”


Today is a beautiful day for those living in my part of the NorthEast. Just stepping outside makes me feel happy. It’s Sunday and there is hope for the upcoming week. I will, however, concede that there are so many things I have to take care of. Fires to put out. Conversations to have. StrategiesContinue reading “Moments”

Lessons Learned

I won’t lie. This past week has been trying. And that’s saying something in a time where everyone has been under stress for over a year. I guess it is because there has been a baseline level of anxiety and apprehension that we have all had to deal with during this period. So the addedContinue reading “Lessons Learned”

Good Life

It’s Saturday morning. I have my list of errands to run and assignments to complete. In the background I have music playing on a random rotation, care of Pandora. (Helps ensure I am in a good frame of mind). Morning thank you to God. Done. Quick text chat with my mom and sibs. Done. HalfContinue reading “Good Life”

Three Generations

On one Saturday afternoon, three women in three different locations, went to get their vaccination against the virus that causes COVID-19. A college student with a pre-existing condition hoping to travel abroad in the summer. Her mother, a professional working woman who is an essential worker hoping to have the basic protection as she preparesContinue reading “Three Generations”

Carry On

The weather has been interesting here in the Northeast. Some days biting cold. Other days the sun is shining and there’s a gentle wind. Someone mentioned we may get snow this week. It’s ok. I have my layers that I put on and remove as needed. I remain agile. I try to enjoy the viewContinue reading “Carry On”


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