This morning I woke up to see gray skies and rain. What was interesting is that it didn’t make me feel gloomy at all. Rather I felt like a kid who gets to put on their raincoat and galoshes to jump around in a puddle. For me, I guess, my mental state needs to seeContinue reading “Rain”

Trick or Treat

I was in my kitchen going through the pantry and saw some bags of candy. My immediate thought was to make sure they were good enough for Halloween. Then I paused. Halloween will be different this year. My kids are older so it’s not an issue for our home (16, 17, 20) but I wasContinue reading “Trick or Treat”

Catching Up

I find myself “bumping” into old friends, colleagues and acquaintances either live or virtually. Recent events have made the last 12 months go by without the usual venues to connect and it sometimes is surprising to realize so much time has passed since the last encounter. The conversation usually starts off with “So when didContinue reading “Catching Up”


Let’s face it. There is no shortage of challenges that are dropped in front of us these days. It’s just the nature and timing that make some more difficult than others. And they don’t seem to wait for one challenge to leave your life before presenting themselves. Some of them are just not worthy ofContinue reading “Challenges”

Measuring a Year

“Five hundred twenty-five thousand six hundred minutesFive hundred twenty-five thousand moments so dearFive hundred twenty-five thousand six hundred minutesHow do you measure, measure a year?” Those are the words that greet me in the morning – one of the many songs I use as alarms so that I gently ease myself awake. (I dislike abruptContinue reading “Measuring a Year”


There are days when you are filled with optimism, the world seems great, the sun is shining and you have a renewed vigor to conquer and thrive. That’s what it was like for me this morning. Took my morning walk, bought my banana and decaf coffee (black with 2 ice cubes – so I don’tContinue reading “Pebbles”

Just you wait

I finished going through my schedule for today and decided to do a quick tweet of positivity. Of course you cannot just post a tweet without reading the latest on your page. And what was there? A reminder that Hamilton the musical would be playing on July 3rd (also my UK anniversary – yes weContinue reading “Just you wait”

Father’s Day 2020

I woke up this morning and remembered it was Father’s Day. Which meant I had to get started in recognizing all the folks that are dads or play the father role in the lives of others. First step – say a quick prayer because I am grateful to be alive. Then a silent Happy Father’sContinue reading “Father’s Day 2020”

Mother Daughter Talk

Had an unplanned conversation with my 17 yr old daughter last night. She had just come home and had come to my room to discuss her plans for the rest of the week. Per usual, I asked where she would be going, with whom, what time, parents, phone numbers, etc. (Listen, I know in aContinue reading “Mother Daughter Talk”

Here Comes the Sun

I was thinking back to a time when I was seriously ill and my BFF/SisterFriend came to see me in the hospital with a traveling suitcase full of things that I would need. Now these were things that I would not have thought of since I had not been hospitalized long term before. But laterContinue reading “Here Comes the Sun”


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